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Welcome To Isheri Afro Restaurant

 Isheri Afro Restaurant is the premier African and ethnic
restaurant, located in Berlin, Germany. We create the most decadent African and ethnic dishes for everyone to enjoy. 


Jollof Rice with Streamed Veggies

This rice with streamed veggies is filled with so much flavor and goodness.


Egusi Soup ( Melon) with pounded yam

Egusi Soup is a rich and savory Nigerian soup traditionally eaten with high-carb fufu dishes like pounded yam.


Peppered Cow Leg

This is a perfect dish to entertain friends with this summer and on cold nights, it is spicy, succulent, juicy and delicious..


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

If you’re looking for great quality food served to you in generous portions, and within a reasonable price, this restaurant is the place for you!


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

The food was delivered on time and it was great, with the fried turkey having great flavor, the jollof rice was cooked perfectly. I was very happy that day. “


“Another successful experience”

I will surely tell my family and friends about your wonderful service. Your company must be highly recommended! Cheer for your success!



Absolutely Amazing Meal! Extremely impressed with our dishes. The food of the highest quality, nicely packaged “


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12:00am – 11:00pm

:00pm – 02:00pm

02.00pm – 09.00pm

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M-F: 1pm – 7pm

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We are located on the corner of Rathenower in Downtown Berlin

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